Dinner guests

My mom loved to cook. And entertain company. She should have been a caterer or a party planner.

We had company over all of the time. This was the 1970s. My dad was a manager at a chemical company. He would invite his workers over for a dinner party. Mom would plan and cook for days. My sisters and I would help cook and set the table. It was always a big deal.

I didn’t inherit my mom’s love for cooking. But I certainly enjoy company. Both of my parents enjoyed having friends and family over. I’d have parties every weekend if the hubby weren’t such a curmudgeon about it. But I digress.

I remember one time coming home from school and mom told us that we were having special company coming over for dinner. She made us set the table with the best china and wash up and put on our maxi dresses. Who was coming over? Was dad picking someone up from the airport on his way home from work? Were relatives traveling from Pennsylvania?

Mom made us wait outside for our guests. Dad pulled into the driveway and asked what we were doing outside all dressed up. We told him that we were having special guests for dinner. He was confused.

We followed him into the house and there mom stood in front of the table and told us to all sit down. We said “but the special guests aren’t here yet.” Mom said “you are my special guests.”




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Married to hubby. Proud mom of the boy and the girl. Lover of most things chocolate. Servant to the Tuxedo Cat.
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3 Responses to Dinner guests

  1. Jennifer Bookstaver says:

    Oh that made me tear up. So sweet!

  2. mare1040 says:

    AWE!! Love this and I am so happy you are writing in your blog again!

  3. mare1040 says:

    Reblogged this on mare1040 and commented:
    A great blog to follow!

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