Where has the time gone.

Today the boy heads back to college after winter break. The girl will be on her way to Atlantic City tonight to celebrate her 21st birthday at midnight. And the hubby is off to Warsaw and Krakow on a business trip where he definitely won’t appreciate the Eastern European food like I would.

The Tuxedo Cat and I are hoping for an NCIS marathon.

When the kids were little and the hubby would head off on a business trip, we’d spend the week eating Chinese food (the hubby doesn’t like Chinese food) and crawling into my bed watching movies. 

Of course I’d wake up the next morning with the girl snuggled next to me and the boy’s feet in my face (the kid always did gymnastics in his sleep – I swear).

It’s still so weird for me to see them go off with a “bye ma” and a hug. Going off with plans that they made on their own. 

And to think the girl will be 21 tomorrow. TWENTY ONE. How the hell did that happen? She was only 5 yesterday – giving me that disapproving scowl when I went anywhere without her; crying when I told her I was proud of her (I never quite got that one); and telling everyone not to clap or smile when she sang.

Yeah, really. 

I guess I did something right because she is self-assured, independent and doesn’t bat an eye when I leave – except when the hubby and I take a vacation without her. She doesn’t like that.

I miss my little princess but I’m proud (take that!) of the woman she’s become. 

Woman. Wow. I said that out loud.

Time to cry. And eat a pint of ice cream.


About sarakenny

Married to hubby. Proud mom of the boy and the girl. Lover of most things chocolate. Servant to the Tuxedo Cat.
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4 Responses to Where has the time gone.

  1. mare1040 says:

    awe 😦 I can’t even imagine, just eat chocolate and stick to your diet 🙂

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  3. Nan says:

    Just got off shift and about to turn in and now a river of tears…I’m next…

  4. Judy says:

    Saying goodbye to my 20 year old when I have her five year old image in my brain is so strange. When did this happen (is my usual thought)? I can definitely relate. When she is gone, I pray for a good marathon ( The Good Wife, The Blacklist or some good Big Bang Theory episodes (that I haven’t seen more than three times!).
    Belgian waffle and some Starbucks coffee helps too! Thanks!

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