Chocolate Doesn’t Solve Everything

There are a few things I’ve discovered recently: I can’t handle losing my composure and chocolate doesn’t solve everything.


I usually try to remain somewhat level-headed, using sarcasm and humor to get through most stressful situations. When that doesn’t work, I turn to Godiva, Ghirardelli or my BFFs: Ben & Jerry.

But recently I’ve found that those methods don’t always work which is making me even more stressful. And perplexed.

Don’t get me wrong — I’ve had total breakdowns in my life: When my dad died. When my kids left for college. When Jack the dog died on “Little House on the Prairie.”

But this is different: I’m letting the little stressors in life become big stressors. I’ve dipped into my chocolate stash and it’s not helping (but it’s still damn good).

I think part of the problem is that I’ve been working more hours than usual and NOT reaching out to my network of friends — both on the home front and in cyberspace (I really do love my extended Friends network online — they make me smile).

So my goal for today, besides finishing the Godiva on my desk, is to check in with my friends — whether it’s a text, FB message or email. I will NOT let the little things in life get me down.

I feel better already.


About sarakenny

Married to hubby. Proud mom of the boy and the girl. Lover of most things chocolate. Servant to the Tuxedo Cat.
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4 Responses to Chocolate Doesn’t Solve Everything

  1. karen luczak says:

    Debbie u have always had a smile on your face. i know u have had some terrible times in ur life to deal with but u have to look at it with a possitive attitude ur Dad is in a better place and the kids r growing up and everyone in ur life loves you!feb.1 will be here soon and the stress will be gone

  2. AWE! Love this one and I relate to it soooo very, very much!!!! 🙂

  3. gishdish says:

    Maybe, like me, you are a little hormonal these days too. Sadly, Chocolate does not replace estrogen.

  4. Nan Koomen says:

    …I sooooo identify with this post…been a tough year…no, not tough but brutal time since the loss of my husband and while chocolate holds my hand my family /friends keep me upright…

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